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Stop Marketing. Start BE-ing Private Coaching

Get the support, advice, guidance, accountability, and inspiration you need to launch and/or grow your business. Sometimes you need someone to help bring solutions into focus, to provide ideas when you are stuck, to show you a new way of doing things, to give feedback when things just aren’t working, and to celebrate with you when things are going great.During our time together, we will discuss your most pressing challenges – from marketing strategy to team building, from growing your online presence to getting noticed by national media, and anything (and everything) in between. Most importantly, you’ll have someone to hold you accountable and help you remain focused on actions will drive your business forward.

Together, we will concentrate on growing your business, spreading your message, having a bigger impact, and making more money.

Messaging Roadmap

If you’re doing everything you can to extend your reach, but your message just isn’t landing with your audience, then it may be time to revamp the way you talk about yourself and your business.Messaging Roadmap is a 90-minute brainstorming session where we dig deep into the real meaning behind your mission and how to best describe it to your ideal audience. We’ll talk about brand tone, personality, and overall feeling, while getting crystal clear about your ideal client and what they need to know and believe in order to take a specific action.

Each Messaging Roadmap session is recorded, and comes this a pre-call questionnaire and a complete brand message guidebook so you always stay on message.

Feel Good Launches

Have a new product, program, or service that you are introducing to the world? It takes a little bit more effort than throwing up a website and send out an email. There’s lots of planning, and writing, and promoting, and testing that goes on. Good thing you don’t have to do it alone.

Marketing Strategy

Not seeing the results you want. Feeling a little stuck and need a gentle nudge out of the mud? We will work together to create a complete marketing strategy to increase traffic, drive sales, expand reach, and any other goals you may have. Sometimes you need a tour guide to get you to your destination (otherwise, you could be taking the long, hilly path). That’s me. At your service. All aboard.

Monthly Marketing Support

Need a marketing team but can’t hire the necessary personnel? Let me do it for you. We’ll create an actionable monthly marketing plan that will bring you the results you desire, without taking up all of your time or budget.

Authentic Copywriting

Know what to say, but not how to say it? Let me help you with your copywriting needs. Whether it is a web page, newsletter, marketing brochure, fundraising letter, or anything else, I’ll put my 10 years of copywriting experience to good use so you get the results you desire.

Social Action & Engagement for Change

Looking to social media to create a big buzz for your campaign? How about building a community of activists, revolutionaries, and raving fans? Not only can I help grow your online presence, but I’ll take great care of your message and followers.

Social Media Training

No denying the power of social media. But if you’re avoiding Facebook because it is a time suck or refusing to send even the first tweet, then I’ve got news for you. You’re missing out on a massive opportunity to reach your ideal clients and create a huge buzz for your mission.

I can customize social media trainings to meet your needs, or you can check out my online calendar for the next online workshop.

Documentary Storytelling

More info coming soon!

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