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Product Launch Kickstart

Have an upcoming launch but not sure where to start or even which strategy to use? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to go over your launch strategy and receive guidance on your next steps.

Social Media Review

Frustrated with your social media efforts? Spending countless hours on Facebook with nothing to show for it? Overwhelmed by all the stuff you “should” be doing online?

Get a social media review of your online presence PLUS a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss your results and customized tips on how you can get more clients/customers and create a buzz for your business.

Social Media Training

Presentation for the Women’s Council of Realtors on 3/21/2013: Using LinkedIn to Create a Buzz in your Real Estate Business

Handouts from the WRC presentation: LinkedIn for Realtors Handout

Video based on the WRC presentation on Using LinkedIn to Create a Buzz in your Real Estate Business: Watch it here.

Using Social Media to Create a Buzz in the Tourism Industry presentation given to the Knoxville Tourism Alliance on 10/6/2011 (it’s a little old, but still full of some great tips and ideas).

Stuck with your social media ideas? Here are 63 Ways to Create a Buzz with Social Media handout from the Knoxville Tourism Alliance meeting.

15 Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW To Get More Clients and Create a BUZZ For Your Business

Online Branding

Six Questions to Develop Your Brand Story (and set yourself apart from the crowd) ebook.

Develop Your Brand Story presentation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Download my favorite SEO Blog template to use for your own posts.

Content Creation/Blogging

Put an end to the “I Don’t Have Anything To Write About” excuses with this free list of blog ideas.





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