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What do you want this time?

posted by Kristina on July 2nd, 2014 :: Follow her on Twitter.

Phone Cobweb - Authentic Buzz MarketingYou’ve experienced it. You sign up for a free ebook, training, or other kind of goody that requires you to enter your email address to receive it. And thus, the dance begins.

You receive a couple of emails. Then…crickets.

That is, until it is time for them to sell something. And oh, boy. Do you hear from them.

Once a day. Sometimes twice a day. Always with the same message.

Buy my stuff and then I’ll leave you alone.

I am assuming that when I give someone my email address, it is because I want to get something from them and learn more about what they have to offer. And I want to learn something, or be entertained, or maybe just see what they are up to so I can compare what they are doing with what I am doing (let’s be honest, we are all on our competitor’s email lists, and if you aren’t, you should be).

Bottom line, I signed up for your list because I want to hear what you have to say. Give me more of that.

And if you are guilty of only reaching out to your email list when you want something, stop that now.

Think of how you can start a conversation with your list, build your relationship, and improve your Know, Like, Trust factor with regular communications.

Regular and strategic communications helps grow and energize your email list.

If you know you will be doing a launch soon that will include sending multiple emails to your faithful tribe, then make sure to warn them (and maybe even give them a chance to opt-out of receiving launch-related emails) before bombarding their inbox.

By being consistent with your engagement with your audience, you will not only increase the likelihood that they will open your emails, but that they will actually turn to you for a solution to a problem or challenge they are facing.

And being of service is well worth my time and yours.

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Find an audience of One

posted by Kristina on July 1st, 2014 :: Follow her on Twitter.

Messaging for One - Authentic Buzz Marketing
Ah, the customer avatar. You’ve tried to describe your ideal client. And if you are anything like me, it wasn’t so easy. Here’s how mine started:

female entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, heart-centered entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, documentary filmmakers

How in the world am I going to craft a message that speaks to every one of these groups?

They may each need the same services – copywriting, marketing, social media, even product launches and fundraising support – but they have dramatically different pain and pleasure points, motives, 3 am sweats, and discomfort levels.

It has been hard for me to really niche down my ideal client because I want to help everyone. I mean, everyone needs marketing help, right?

Nope. It doesn’t work that way. Messaging that is too broad will miss my target audience and may even turn them away. And it keeps people from recommending you to their own friends and clients (if they aren’t clear about who you work with, they won’t know who to recommend you to).

The key to really connecting with prospects is speaking their own language, understanding exactly where there are and what they are going through, and having a solution to help the problems they have right now.

If you aren’t sure who you are speaking to, or if you are speaking to too many audiences, then you message will not land with impact and clarity. It will be like a whisper – is she talking to me or maybe she understands me but I can’t really tell.

Don’t send your message to Never Never Land.

Remember, there is no such thing as the general public, and even if there was, would you really want to work with anyone and everyone?

You deserve to work with only the dreamiest of clients, so make sure you are speaking to an audience of one. Be focused on their exact needs and watch them magically find you with ease.

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The icky side of copywriting

posted by Kristina on June 14th, 2014 :: Follow her on Twitter.

Good copy isn't icky :: Authentic Buzz Marketing

There is something so beautiful about writing copy that moves people to take a desired action. Words that evoke emotion and influence behavior.

For copy to be effective, you have to talk about your client’s pain points. You have to understand their biggest challenge, help them imagine a different way of doing things, and make them uncomfortable enough to want to change.

That doesn’t mean you have to shame or guilt them into doing what you want.

I see the manipulation and sleazy side of copywriting all the time (I’m sure you do to). It’s the over-the-top, buy-this-or-else, do-it-now writing (usually in big red bold letters – and all caps!) that aims to make you stop everything and do what they want you to do.

It doesn’t feel good.

But sometimes, it works. It has to work or people wouldn’t do it.

Chances are that it wouldn’t work on your clients- the ones that crave transparency and honesty.

Your clients are responsible for their own feelings,but it is your job to get them to see what is holding them back and help them feel into a new way of being – gently and lovingly.

Good copy transcends objection and inspires action. {click to tweet}

Good copy tells a story that stirs emotions and gives readers the confidence they desire to make a decision. It establishes direction and trust. Hope and promise. The solution to a challenge or the answer to a question.

Good copy makes them feel something – enough of something to make a decision and take action.

Good copy focuses on the reader – not the writer.

Good copy leaves the reader feeling better about themselves and their situation. It educates and entertains. It makes an impact.

Good copy resonates with your brand message, and reads more like a conversation between friends than a sales pitch.

Good copy comes from the heart and leaves the reader feeling good.

No icky allowed.


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