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You are a rule breaker. A risk taker. A change maker.

You know that you are meant to do BIG things in the world. To make a difference.

Not to be the change, but to DO the change.

You have a calling. A deep urge. A desire so bold that you just can’t stop thinking about it. You must make it happen. Not just for those whose lives you will help, but for your own self.


You don’t know where to begin.
You don’t know how to get your BIG idea out into the world.
You are struggling to grow your business so you can serve more people.
You are working so hard and nothing is gaining traction.
Your message isn’t reaching the right people to make things happen.
You are overwhelmed, alone, frustrated, and almost at the end of your rope.

Don’t give up. What you are doing is too important to stop now.

But things have to change. So, get the support you need to keep going.

I am here to serve you. To support you. To make sure that you have the marketing tools you need to succeed.

You are not alone. I am right here by your side.
You are not crazy. I believe in you.
You are not wasting your time. I know that what you are doing is important, to you and to the world.
You are good enough. I can see who you really are, and you are more powerful than you can imagine.
You can do this. I am here to help.

Meet Kristina

Kristina Shands, Authentic Buzz MarketingSo, there’s not much to know about me. I’m a triple Libra, which means I am super social and need to connect with people. I am have a deep desire for balance and fairness, which can hurt this tender heart sometimes. I love to travel and tell stories and meet people (I get all of that from my daddy). I am fiercely independent, quite stubborn, and amazingly ingenious (and I get from my momma).

I’m a Southern girl who loves the big city. Nomadic spirit that is also a homebody. Nice to a fault (that’s the small town gal in me), especially since by big WHY is to engage in conversations that spark change in the world. And sometimes that can be uncomfortable.
I love cats and avocados and flowers and Doctor Who and hockey.

I am loyal and love my friends and family fully and deeply.

I’m an INFP, an S, and a 6.
My strengths are Ideation, Intellection, Communication, Learner, and Empathy.
My Core Desired Feelings are Authenticity, Ease, Awake, Connected, Alive.
Lastly, I’m a Kapha (that is a ice cream lovin nightowl).

My clients are my friends. Maybe not at first. But afterwards – always.

Want to know more? Schedule a time to chat. I’d love to meet you.

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